Ervaringen van cliënten

Op deze plaats kunt u lezen over de ervaringen van cliënten die Pesso-therapie aan den lijven hebben ervaren.

 “De eerste sessie was meteen al verrassend: binnen een half uur kwam ik tot de kern van mijn achterliggende knelpunt. Vervolgens konden mijn pijnlijke gevoelens vanuit een speelse en creatieve manier in een kader geplaatst worden en werd ik uitgenodigd om er ‘een nieuwe draai’ aan te geven. Ik ervoer dat in mijn lichaam als een heel fijn gevoel. Ik kan nu al ieder moment dat ik klem zit teruggaan naar dit gevoel en ik voel dat het al helpt. Ik vind het echt bijzonder hoe doeltreffend het werkt en ben er heel blij mee.”
Een later bericht van deze cliënte:  “Wat mij betreft heb ik ervaren dat ‘geen steun hebben gekregen’ getransformeerd is naar wel steun in het heden voelen. Dit geeft mij het gevoel van meer compleet zijn en ook trots op mijzelf want ik voel mij sterker en autonomer. De volgende stap zou verbinding kunnen zijn…dit heb ik niet echt meegekregen van huis uit…hoe doe je dat terwijl je bij je zelf blijft? Daarvoor zou ik nog eens een sessie willen afspreken bij jou.”

 “Ik ben eerder in psychoanalytische psychotherapie geweest; dat was heel nuttig. Maar bij Pesso-therapie viel alles op zijn plek: herkenning, erkenning, lichamelijk ervaren. Het betrekken van het lichaam bij de therapie was voor mij essentieel” 

“De veiligheid van de methode, m.n. door het werken met rolfiguren, heeft mij de kracht gegeven om echt af te rekenen met veel oud zeer. Ik voel me een rijker mens”


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  • PBSP brings you to the awareness and the importance of the role of your senses, and more important is how the information transmitted by our sense is stored and utilized by program of the psycho-engine.

  • At the end of my structure, I remember extending my arms out and then in, the back of my hands lightly held by my containing figure saying “Rest and create, rest and create”. I could feel a visceral relief in my body, a trust in my own rhythms. I actually felt my hypervigilant-hyperarousal level drop ten notches. I could really rest. In fact, I fell asleep during much of the next structure. I hope I didn’t snore

  • I am eternally grateful to these therapists that allowed my body to be part of the therapeutic healing process. I have never since needed a tooth guard at night. It is my firm conviction that trauma therapists will deliver more satisfying outcomes if they utilize the somatic features found in the PBSP method when working with clients who have experience with repeated trauma and engage in self-destructive patterns. These clients need a treatment plan that matches the complexity of their issues in a holistic manner.

  • After a year and a half of chasing alcoholism, borderline personality disorder & co-dependency, I finally found what’s really wrong with me. I came in here with a 9 out of 10 – in pain, despair, & hopelessness — and now I’m ready to get on with my life. I feel a lot better and I’m ‘ready to roll’.  With my first structure, I am overjoyed to report that I now have significantly reduced discomfort (physical and emotional).  What a way to start off a New Year!  PBSP really works!! Although some of my discomfort occasionally returns, what a relief it is to know that I can replay the structure in my mind – using PBSP as a powerful ‘tool’ to self-soothe.  Please allow me this opportunity to say how pleasant and wonderful it is dealing with caring professionals like all of you at PBSP! Warmest Regards and Many Thanks!

  • I am deeply humbled and indebted to Al and Diane for so selflessly sharing the fruits of their marriage and life’s work/journey through PBSP.  All of my relationships have been positively transformed as a direct result of my personal experience with PBSP. To put it succinctly, my husband and I are only now awakening to actively experience and taste the joy and sweetness of our union. It is as though we are seeing each other and pleasuring in each other through clearer eyes and keener senses. Metaphorically, both of us feel like we are experiencing the Garden of Eden or a bit of heaven on earth.

  • Directly after finishing the structure I felt surprised and shocked at the speed and direction at which everything took place. Driving home, colors green and gold and brown and extraordinarily alive, glowing in the evening sun. Arriving home to a full house I sat so relaxed, at ease and content with my family, above all a feeling of great affection and love for them. Everyone noticed this calmness about me. I felt as if my moment to moment perception of time space and dimension were changing radically. These feelings remained and still remain even during challenging moments of daily life to which a week ago I would have responded very differently. A much higher state of sensitivity to my shiatsu clients has brought with it a more instinctive vision of their energetic state and this guides me.

  • PBSP is dear to my heart.  Both my son and I now have a peaceful life in part because of this therapy.

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